Two Healthy Halloween Treats and A Not So Healthy One

Halloween is such a fun holiday for the kids. Of course they like the Trick-or-Treating and getting a giant sack full of candy, but more and more these days it’s also about having a great Halloween party for all the neighborhood kids and friends and family. If you are like me, I am always on the lookout for cute Halloween treats that are healthy but something the kids still want to eat. That’s not always the easiest thing to do. But I have two really cute treats that your kids will gobble up and one not so healthy one, but it’s so cute and easy why not add it to your party treats.

First of all I love these Frankenstein Kiwis. Looks easy enough to make. Just cut the end off the kiwi so it will stand flat. Next use a vegetable peeler to peel the bottom 2/3 leaving an uneven hairline for Frank. Add a couple of raisins for eyes, a pretzel stick piece for the mouth and a pretzel rod end on either side of the head to give him the finishing touch. Looks good enough to eat!
Kiwi FrankensteinThe second easy healthy snack is this cute pretzel stick/cheese broom. Your favorite little witch will want to pack several on her plate before they all fly away. Well, mostly easy to make, just a pretzel stick and a third of apiece if string cheese. Poke the end of a pretzel stick partially into the cheese, not too far or you will split the cheese. Then just shred the cheese to look like the end of a broom and tie a thin piece of chive around to finish it off. Granted, this shredding of cheese can take some time, but if you have kids that like to help out in the kitchen, you could assign them the shredding task.
Pretzel Cheese BroomsticksFinally, the not so healthy, but so cute little ghosts sitting on a chocolate brownie. Just bake a pan of brownies and cut them into small squares. Place a large marshmallow on top of the brownie and then heat some vanilla frosting in the microwave just until it is runny. Drizzle one tablespoon frosting over each marshmallow to coat. Let stand until frosting is set, about 30 minutes. Use black gel to make eyes and mouths. Looks pretty tasty to me.
Ghost BrowniesHope you all will have a Scary Good Halloween this year. And if you try out any of the ideas listed here, let us know how they turned out. Thanks to the following creative bloggers for these tasty Halloween treats.

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