Things To Do With Kids In Charleston, SC

We recently took a trip to Charleston, SC and had a great time. Although it was still rather cold, there was a lot to see and do and eat. If you are going to be in this part of the country, I would highly recommend that you make it a family vacation spot.

Although this is an historic city and you may think there wouldn’t be much for the kids to do, you may want to rethink this idea. First of all there is a very nice aquarium that the kids will certainly enjoy. There is a great variety of fish and animals including a bald eagle, birds and even lemurs. There are also many interactive areas to keep the kids busy.
Another of our favorite places to explore was Patriots Point – Home of the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier, the destroyer USS Laffey and the USS Clamagore submarine. The kids will enjoy exploring these three ships. The history behind the destroyer is an amazing story. It survived a massive air strike of 22 Japanese bombers and suicide kamikazes. Five kamikazes and three bombs struck her killing 32 and wounding 71. When you tour the sub it hard to imagine 30 men lived in this tight space. The aircraft carrier is just massive. There are planes to check out on the flight deck and in the hanger deck. There are six tours that take you throughout the ship so you can see what life was like on this impressive ship.
What I also thought was interesting was that they have nights where the kids can sleep on the ship. As we were arriving, there must have been a class of children leaving that had spent the night. We were there until close to closing time and we noticed that there were more kids with backpacks that were probably going to spend the night on board. How cool would that be!
Another thing the family will enjoy is a carriage ride through the city. Although this is more of a history of the city, the kids will surely enjoy the ride.

There are two parks that you can visit, Battery Park and Waterfront Park. We stopped at both of them but Waterfront Park was our favorite. There are two pretty fountains, which in the warm weather surely have some waders, I’m sure. It was way too cold for anyone to attempt it on this trip, however. There is a nice wooden pier with several covered front porch swings for you to stop and enjoy the day. We enjoyed watching dolphins swimming around the area. The kids will also enjoy seeing all the giant cannons at Battery Park.
This was all we had time for on this trip, but I’m sure when we visit again we will find even more interesting things the entire family will enjoy. Hope you can make a visit there too. You’ll be glad you did.

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