Shadow Picture Father’s Day Project

I enjoy doing crafty things with the kids and I hope they also enjoy the little projects I come up with. I’ll admit that most of what I do with them is something I have found on line and more specifically on Pinterest. The craft possibilities on there are endless. So, with Father’s Day fast approaching, I found the perfect Father’s Day project for this year’s gift giving. It is a shadow “We Love You” picture that I have seen several times on Pinterest. helped me with directions on how to take the picture and not have to just make it a trial and error shoot.
shadow picture
Here’s what you need to do to take your picture, if you decide this is something you want to try.
* Cardboard or poster board,
* Exacto knife or scissors,
* Kids and a sunny day.

Decide what you want your sign to say and write it on the cardboard. Make sure the letters with inside space such as: d, a, e, b, o, and p stay connected so you will be able to read them in the shadow. Use the Exacto knife or scissors to cut out your message. Then round up the kiddos on a sunny day and find a place to take your picture. (On the driveway seems to work pretty well.) Position the kids with the sun at their backs and you in front of them. Have the kids hold the sign upside down so the shadow will be readable. Take several pictures until you think you have something you like. All that’s left is to print the pictures to fit in your picture frame.

Here is where the kids get to do their thing. Because we have two granddads to celebrate Father’s day with along with my husband, we will do an individualized picture frame for each of them. I’ll let the kids get creative with how they want to decorate the frames. (There were some awesome frames that I saw that would be fun to do if we can’t come up with anything on our own.)
golf frame Lego framenuts frame rocks frame Scrabble frame
This Shadow Picture would work for many other occasions other than Father’s Day so don’t limit yourself to just this time of year. But in the mean time, Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome Fathers and Grandfathers.

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