Rainbow Bubble Snakes

I was looking for some easy, fun things to keep the kids occupied for a few hours and found this cute rainbow bubble snake idea. This is something little bit older kids, 5 to 7, will enjoy and it takes very little time to put together and is made with items that will almost certainly be readily available around the house.

Here’s what you will need: An empty water bottle, a sock (preferably one from a mismatched pair you probably have around the house), a shallow pan or bowl, duct tape or a sturdy rubber band, some water and food coloring.

First have the kids (or you can) cut the bottom end off the water bottle and discard. Put the sock over the open end of the water bottle and secure with the rubber band or duct tape. The tighter the sock fits over the end of the water bottle the better it will work. Put a small amount of water in the bottom of the pan just enough to cover the bottom, Add several large squirts of regular dish soap and gently mix together.

Have the kids dip the sock end into the soap mixture and blow through the drinking end of the bottle. Be sure they only blow out and not inhale the bubble mixture. To get the rainbow effect, they can add drops of food coloring to the sock before blowing out the bubbles.

Be warned it is messy and that will be part of the fun! Hope you will take some time to get out and play with the kids this summer like I plan to do.

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