How To Build A Shishkaball Drop Game

Shiskaball is game that’s fun for the whole family. It’s kind of like a Jenga meets Ker-Plunk game that you can play in your backyard.Shishkaball

This Old House blog has directions and a video showing how to make a Shishkaball Drop Game. It’s made with plywood, wire fencing and plant stakes and it does take a bit of work but it’s a game that will keep the entire family entertained. Once you are on the Old House blog site, you have several information options …
1. You can go through the slide show to get the directions.
2. You can view a video showing how make this game.
3. There is also a downloadable sheet of rules for playing the game and how to keep score.

If you are looking for the balls to use with this game you can get them on line at Amazonor at a toy store. Look for 3” ball pit balls.

This is something definitely worth the time to put together, not just for the kids, but to have around for any summer backyard entertaining you will be doing this year and years to come. Hope you will give it a try and have lots of fun playing it.

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