Creative Easter Ideas For Kids

While I was checking out Pinterest, my favorite place to get Easter ideas, I found some fun things I want to do this Easter. Oh, sure I found lots of great Easter recipes and who knows, I will probably end up trying out one or two new tasty treats again this year. But right now I am all about something new and fun, and here are three FUN, creative Easter ideas for kids.

Easter Bunny Door

The first thing I want to do is decorating the front door with this giant bunny face. Isn’t he just adorable? I know the kids will have a great time making him and enjoy him hanging around until after Easter. Thanks to EastCoastMommyBlog for the fantastic idea!
The ears, eyes, nose, whiskers and bow tie were made of Bristol board and attached above the door and on the door with painter’s tape. Pom poms were added to the bow tie to give it a 3-D effect. The kids will have so much fun making this.
Easter Bunny Door

Peep S’mores

The second fun idea from is something so simple I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it myself. Making Peep S’mores: The kids love S’mores and we always have the cute little peeps handy at Easter. I think the kids will love heating the colorful chicks up and then smushing the sugary treats between two graham crackers and some chocolate. YUM!

We will make them in the microwave, but use caution if you are attempted to roast the little critters over an open flame. The sugar on the outside of the Peeps starts to burn then caramelizes, making them almost dangerously hot. Burn with caution!
Easter Smore With A Peep In It

Walking On Eggs

Lastly, this one looks really cool, and I’m sure the kids would love to give it a try. I don’t know if I am brave enough to have them try it though. It is a great science experiment though! What kid wouldn’t get a kick out of walking on eggs!

If you are brave enough to have your kids give it a try, here is what you will need and some scientific background to talk to them about the strength of arches.

* 4 to 8 dozen eggs.
* Something to protect the floor.
* A towel to clean up any mess should you have a miss step.
* Have the kids wear socks to keep their feet from sticking to the eggs.

To begin, inspect all the eggs to be sure there are no cracks in any of them. Place all the eggs in egg carton pointed side down. This will make it easier for the kids to walk on them. Before you let them take the walk, take a few minutes to talk to the kids about why they will be able to do this.

If they take the egg in their hand and try to break it, they will have a hard time doing so. If they take an egg and hit it against the side of a bowl, it will break. Why? When your hand squeezes the egg evenly over the shell, the shell was able to withstand the pressure of the force. The bowl hit just one part of the shell and the force wasn’t spread out, causing it to break. That’s why when a hen sits on her eggs, she applies an even pressure (like your hand did) but when a chick pecks its way out, it applies force to a small part of the egg with its hard beak (just like the bowl).
Easter Walk On Eggs
So what will happen if you stand on the eggs with flat feet and even pressure? Will they break?

This would be the time to give it a try! Just be sure to remind whoever is going to be the first guinea pig to keep their feet flat and not dig their heels down. Hey, good luck with this, and thanks to for the great idea and science lesson!

Hope your Easter is EGG-celent !

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